Microsoft Access Tips for Serious Users

Provided by Allen Browne, August 2006.  Last updated: Oct 2017

Postal / Zip codes

Country File/Link Comment Source
Australia Includes Delivery Office, Presort Indicator, Parcel Zone, BSP name & number Australia Post

Bottom of page, in German. John Fowler

Several formats John Fowler
Denmark Click on Postcodes, or right-click this direct link. John Fowler
France Codes Postaux (0.7MB, A2000 mdb) French Thierry Gaillard
Iceland txt files (middle of the screen) John Fowler
Netherlands   Thibaud Taudin Chabot
New Zealand PDF format Shaun Henderson
Norway Norwegian and English John Fowler
Pakistan Word 2000 document (left of page) John Fowler
Portugal Pesquisar Código Postal Various formats under Downloads (towards bottom of page) John Fowler
Switzerland Includes the Principality of Liechtenstein. Hans Ruopp
UK   Craig Hale
UK Commercial products (pricey!) Royal Mail
USA ZIP codes (1.5MB, A2000 mdb) Zipcode, City, State, Default City Bob Miller

If you are aware of free, up-to-date lists or links for other countries, email us.

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