Flaws in Microsoft Access

Provided by Allen Browne. December 2007. Updated July 2008.

Database may be deleted on compact (Access 2007)

Update: Microsoft has released a hotfix for this bug.

Do not store Access databases in an offline folder. There are known issues where the database can disappear without a trace if you do.

A few users have reported another possible issue where Access 2007 deletes the database when you compact it. At the end of the compact operation, they see a dialog to the effect that Access cannot delete the database as it is "read only", even though the database is not read-only. Once you okay that dialog, the database is gone (not even in the Recycle Bin.)

Michael J Strickland suggested the workaround below.

The dialog reportedly looks like this:

Dialog screenshot

If you see an unexpected message while compacting:

This could be the last chance you have to ever see your database again.

You may also want to ensure the Compact On Close box is unchecked under:
      Office Button | Access Options | Current Database

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